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Law firm of the year announced: ROWAN LEGAL awarded in 2 categories and receives special award in Pro Bono / CSR category for UNIque Law project

11. 03. 2020

This year we have been recommended in 15 categories (out of a total of 18 potential categories) including 2 awards as Law Firm of the Year 2020 in the Energy & Projects and IT Law categories. We are also very pleased to have received a special award in the Pro Bono / CSR category for the UNIque Law project (an educational webinar series for law students) together with PRK Partners and tdpA.

We have received the award for Law Firm of the Year in the IT Law category for the 10th time, which reaffirms our knowledge, the quality of our services and our tradition in this area. “We are very honored to have received our 10th award in the area of IT Law. We consider this specialization of law to be key to future development, but also very complex and dynamic. The world of technology is constantly changing from minute to minute, especially in these tough times and it is challenging to keep pace with the changes. This award acknowledges that ROWAN LEGAL is able to navigate its way successfully in this environment. We would like to thank our clients who made this possible and our colleagues from the IT team, for their enthusiasm, innovative ideas and effort. We would not have been able to achieve this success without them.” Josef Donát commented on accepting the award as head of the IT Law team within ROWAN LEGAL.

This is the second consecutive year we have been given the Law Firm of the Year award in the Energy & Projects category. Energy is one of the most important sectors of the economy, but is also highly regulated. We formulate legal solutions for our clients, always respecting both the regulation and also the client’s needs and business goals. “We have received this award for the second time in a row now – it is harder to defend a victory than winning it for the first time. Knowing that, we are very pleased to have succeeded, especially despite the tough competition among great law firms.” stated Vilém Podešva, the head of the Energy Law team within ROWAN LEGAL.

The UNIque Law Project was awarded as Pro Bono / CSR project of the year. We created UNIque Law during the first wave of the coronacrisis, which had led to the closing the universities. Together with PRK Partners and tdpA, we established a series of educational webinars for law students and the public. The project lasted for 6 weeks, and the 15 webinars were listened to by more than 1 000 people. “This project is very close to our hearts and we are very pleased with the award, especially as we plan to launch the second year very soon. We would like to extend our thanks also to our partners in the project – PRK Partners and tdpA. We appreciate their support and look forward to cooperating with them again in the second year.” commented Miloš Olík, partner at ROWAN LEGAL.

This year has been much tougher than we could have imagined at the beginning of January. We are very grateful for this success and we would like to thank who organized the awards. Also we would like to greatly thank our clients, who put their trust in us and our employees who supported us during this year. Together we establish the true value of 30 + 1 years of experience.

ROWAN LEGAL was established in 1990 and since then it has grown significantly. The firm is currently led by 9 partners and employs over 100 people in three branches (Prague, Brno and Bratislava) including 70 lawyers and an internal tax team. Our clients include the largest national and international corporations and public institutions, to which we provide comprehensive legal support on key projects. Learn more at:

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