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When helping the community, it's with careful consideration and enthusiasm.

Cheer for Moms

We have been providing long-term support to the “Fandi mámám” organization, which offers material assistance to mothers – single mothers in particular. We provide both legal assistance to specific members of the association and engage in educational activities, primarily in family law matters.

Institute for Restorative Justice

Since April 2022, we have been partners in the “Česko restorativně” project coordinated by the Institute for Restorative Justice. We advocate for the principles of restorative justice in criminal proceedings, focusing on meeting the needs of victims and promoting the acceptance of responsibility by the offender.

Klokánek – Children in Need Fund

We collaborate with the project of the Children in Need Fund organization called Klokánek, which takes care of children separated from their parents. For several years, we’ve been organizing annual Christmas collections, gathering gifts that are later distributed to children in need. Our support includes both financial and material assistance.

Moment ČR

We collect unused clothing or household items from our colleagues and donate them to Moment ČR. They sell these items in charity shops, and the proceeds are then donated to public benefit organizations.

Hold On to Your Soul

We appreciate activities that support mental health. That’s why, in collaboration with the “Nevypusť duši” organization, we conduct lectures, workshops, and other pro bono activities.

Pro Bono Legal Advice

We provide advice and assistance to people in difficult financial situations. We support the Abakus project, which develops talented students, and collaborate with the Czech Chamber of Commerce.

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