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Are you involved in a sports dispute? We will navigate you successfully through arbitration, doping, disciplinary or judicial proceedings. You are in the right place with us. Additionally, we provide assistance with sports contracts, taxes or grants, whether you are an athlete, sports club or athlete's agent.

Why choose us


We belong to the top tier of sports law practitioners in the Czech Republic.

We have extensive experience in resolving disputes in sports law, whether as arbitrators or as legal representatives.


We can leverage the intersections of sports law across other legal disciplines.

We will assist you not only in contractual matters, including negotiations (e.g. on the player’s or club’s side) but also in tax, grant, corporate, compliance and much more.


In disputes, we can offer both the perspective of a legal representative and that of an arbitrator.

Our clients value the unique perspective and practical know-how we bring as arbitrators, thanks to the extensive experience of our lawyers who have served in dozens of cases. This includes acting as representatives of the parties in various proceedings.

What we do for clients

  • We provide legal advice to players and clubs in arbitration (or disciplinary) proceedings according to the rules of their sports associations.
  • We represent athletes in doping proceedings at all levels, including the highest level at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).
  • We represent and assist players or agents in various sports during negotiations with clubs (typically player transfers), resolving related disputes, and preventing them.
  • We advise clubs and sports associations in various areas of law, from corporate counseling to grants and compliance.
  • We focus on sports contract matters, including the tax and legal aspects.
  • We also specialize in e-sports and related contractual or other matters.
  • We organize specialized training and seminars for sports organizations, clubs and athletes.

Who will be dedicated to assisting you

What our clients say about us

Collaborations that bring satisfaction to both us and our clients

Olympic champion Matěj Tóth

We contributed to the issuance of an acquittal verdict by the Disciplinary Committee of the Slovak Athletic Federation in the case of Matej Tóth, a gold medalist in race walking from the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. The committee decided that the athlete did not violate any anti-doping regulations. Tóth faced sanctions for alleged violations of anti-doping rules due to ambiguities in his biological passport.

Sports Law

Czech Anti-Doping Committee

We provide comprehensive legal advice to the Czech Anti-Doping Committee, particularly in the areas of labor law, compliance, public procurement and tax advisory.

Sports Law

Drahotová (leading Czech athlete)

We represented a leading Czech athlete in a doping case in proceedings before the disciplinary committee of the national sports union and before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Sports Law

Granting of Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE):

In doping proceedings, we successfully obtained a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) for the client. This exemption permits the use of a substance that is otherwise prohibited for health reasons, subject to stringent conditions. The granting of the TUE successfully concluded the doping proceedings for the client, and the association did not impose any of its typical sanctions, such as a multiyear ban on activities.

Sports Law

Czech Ice Hockey Association

A framework agreement for the provision of legal services has been concluded.

Sports Law

Rozhodovací činnost u Sboru rozhodců fotbalové asociace České republiky (FAČR)

Miloš Olík, Vilém Podešva, Martin Janoušek a Michal Čáp mají dlouholeté zkušenosti jako rozhodci Sboru rozhodců Fotbalové asociace české republiky (FAČR). Ten rozhoduje zejména majetkové spory mezi hráči, fotbalovými kluby i kluby navzájem. Miloš Olík je navíc jeho předsedou.

Sports Law

Decision-making activity at the Board of Arbitrators of the Football Association of the Czech Republic (FAČR)

Miloš Olík, Vilém Podešva, Martin Janoušek and Michal Čáp have extensive experience as arbitrators in the Board of Arbitrators of the Football Association of the Czech Republic (FAČR). They decide mainly on property disputes between players, football clubs, and the clubs themselves. Miloš Olík is also its chairman.

Sports Law

Decision-making activity at the National Arbitration Court for Sport (doping)

Miloš Olík is a member of the presidency of the National Arbitration Court for Sport, which independently decides on doping cases so that the proceedings are not directly handled by the sports clubs to which the athlete belongs. Michal Čáp is the secretary of this body.

Sports Law

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