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"Are you a public procurer looking to implement a transportation-infrastructure, telematics or other technological project in the field of transportation? Do you need to ensure transportation services for your city or region? Are you a carrier, freight forwarder, technology or logistics company facing a transportation or logistics-related challenge? Have you found yourself in a situation where you need guidance in this area? We have extensive experience with all of the above. Feel free to contact us for assistance."

  • 21, 22, 23 In recent years, we have been awarded the Law Firm of the Year in the Logistics and Transportation Construction category – either as the absolute winner or a highly recommended firm.

  • > 90 We have provided legal services in our specialization to numerous clients.

  • 30 + With our experts at your disposal for over 30 years.

  • 19 A team of highly experienced lawyers is ready to address your legal issues.

Why choose us


We find solutions even where others can't. Our clients know this, and that's why they turn to us with confidence.

Our extensive experience in the preparation and implementation of significant and demanding transportation projects is a clear testament to our expertise.


We are at the source of information.

In challenging times of rapidly changing legislation and technologies, we are at the source of information, thanks in part to our collaboration with market leaders and our membership in leading industry associations and organizations (e.g. Association for Transport Telematics, Forum for Sustainable Mobility).


We regularly receive industry awards.

Law Firm of the Year in the Logistics and Transportation Construction category – absolute winner or highly recommended office.

Who will be dedicated to assisting you

  • We analyze complex legal issues in the field of transportation, whether involving questions related to the operation of autonomous vehicles, the construction of charging station networks for electromobility, or the deployment of innovative telematic solutions.
  • We provide advice within comprehensive transportation projects, effectively combining expertise from various legal disciplines.
  • We offer legal support to contracting authorities in setting up and subsequently tendering public contracts in the field of transportation and logistics, covering all phases and types of procurement procedures (including negotiated procedures and concession procedures).
  • We advise domestic and foreign suppliers in connection with their participation in procurement procedures.
  • We assist clients in finding innovative approaches and solutions to meet their needs and fulfill public tasks in the field of transportation.
  • We assist transporters in their participation and defense of legitimate interests in tenders for the provision of transportation services.
  • We provide support for both contracting authorities and selected suppliers in the implementation of public contracts after the contract is signed (changes to obligations from the contract to the public contract, etc.)
  • We conduct engaging workshops customized to the specific needs of the contracting authority or supplier, imparting knowledge on how to approach IT or technological projects intelligently and efficiently.

Who will be dedicated to assisting you

"Transportation is currently one of the key areas of the economy, with the need for the transportation of both people and goods continually increasing. I am excited about the opportunity to cultivate and legally guide various transportation topics through the implementation of interesting projects for our clients. Additionally, supporting the use of modern technologies and tools for more efficient traffic management and increased transportation capacity is something that fascinates me. If, on top of that, the general public can benefit in their daily lives, our joy in addressing challenges in this field is all the greater."

JUDr. Martin Flaškár

Managing Associate

What our clients say about us

Collaborations that bring satisfaction to both us and our clientstion

Transport Company of the City of Prague – trains and automation system of line C and new line D:

Implementation of preliminary market consultations, preparation of tender conditions, and a series of analyses related to the regime, form and announcement of a tender for one of the largest public contracts executed in the Czech Republic in recent years.

Transportation and Logistics

Transport Company of the City of Prague – purchase of new metro trains, security equipment, and related technology

Preparation of tender conditions and a series of analyses related to the procurement of new automated metro trains, including related security equipment and other associated technology.

Transportation and Logistics

Technical Road Administration of the City of Prague – Prague Traffic Signalization Project:

Comprehensive legal advice to the client in connection with the maintenance, development and construction of traffic signalization in the territory of the City of Prague.

Transportation and Logistics

Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic – Central Elements of C-ITS

Comprehensive legal advice to the contracting authority in the preparation of tender conditions, including the draft contract for the project to build central elements of C-ITS (Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems) for the needs of the Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic.

Transportation and Logistics

Umbrella Coach & Buses s.r.o. – public transport service in the Central Bohemian Region

Defense of the client's rights in the context of procurement proceedings for contracts related to the provision of public bus transport services in the Central Bohemian Region.

Transportation and Logistics

AŽD Praha, a.s. – supply and installation of the mobile part of ETCS

Comprehensive legal advice regarding the participation of AŽD Praha, a.s. in a procurement concerning the supply and installation of the mobile part of the ETCS security system into selected series 363.5 locomotives for ČD Cargo, a.s.

Transportation and Logistics

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