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Step into the realm of banking and finance law with confidence and dependability by your side. We understand the labyrinth of regulations, facilitate licensing processes, establish funds, provide assistance with financing, draft legal opinions, and represent you before regulatory authorities. Whether you are a steadfast financial institution or an entrepreneur navigating risk, we are here to support you.

  • 45 active cases in recent years

  • 6 specialists in banking law

  • 3 awards - Highly recommended firm in the "Law Firm of the Year" rankings for the past years

Why choose us


Large banking institutions come to us for advice

We assist the best, including the Czech Banking Association, Česká spořitelna, Československá obchodní banka, Komerční banka, UniCredit Group, Raiffeisenbank, Credit Agricole Leasing Factoring, VIG Group and others.


We push the boundaries with digitalization for easier and more efficient processes

Innovations that change the game: We were involved in the creation of the “BankID” project, where we assisted in preparing a feasibility study, drafting legislative proposals, and negotiating with state representatives. We provide legal support to Bankovní identita, a.s., a joint venture connecting banks with those interested in their electronic identification services.


We are always one step ahead

DORA, NIS2, PSD3, PSR, AML6, CBDC and others may still be unfamiliar acronyms for some. We know their content, monitor them, and prepare clients for these changes so that they are always one step ahead.

What we do for clients

  • We process registration or licensing with the Czech National Bank and ensure subsequent compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • We provide advisory in the realm of payment services.
  • We represent clients before the Czech National Bank, the Financial Arbiter or Czech courts.
  • We digitalize products, contract closing processes or internal processes, including AML procedures.
  • We negotiate and prepare credit documentation.
  • We implement cybersecurity requirements, including DORA and NIS2.
  • We monitor legislative and other pertinent regulatory changes.

Who will be dedicated to assisting you

What our clients say about us

Collaborations that bring satisfaction to both us and our clients

Česká spořitelna, Československá obchodní banka, Komerční banka and UniCredit Group

Legal support for banks in connection with the National Development Fund project, a unique collaboration between the state and the private sector resulting in an investment fund with the relevant authorization under ZISIF (National Development Fund SICAV, a.s.).

Banking and Finance


Comprehensive support for the Czech Banking Association in the "BankID" project. This involved the preparation of a legal feasibility study and legislative proposals as well as subsequent negotiations with state representatives, including support for legislative and legal issues related to electronic identification.

Banking and Finance

City of Prague

Negotiation of loan documentation (LMA) between the City of Prague and EIB concerning a long-term loan for the construction of the new metro line D amounting to CZK 26 billion (approximately EUR 1 billion).

Banking and Finance

Crédit Agricole Leasing & Factoring

Comprehensive legal advice in connection with various cross-border factoring programs for several French groups of companies, each with a presence in the Czech Republic.

Banking and Finance

Raiffeisenbank (formerly Equa bank)

Comprehensive advice in the context of AML, implementation of PSD2, regulation of outsourcing in banking and regulation of consumer credit provision.

Banking and Finance

Le Chèque Déjeuner – Up Czech Republic

Comprehensive legal advice in connection with the regulatory aspects of payment services and support in the renegotiation of contracts related to the transition from proprietary benefit cards to Mastercard.

Banking and Finance

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