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Media and Related Services

We offer legal assistance to various stakeholders within the media landscape, including publishers of traditional and online media, broadcasters, creators, producers and influencers as well as people involved in marketing, communication and advertising. Moreover, the scope of media ​​law extends beyond the media world, impacting entities completely outside this sector. Hence, our clientele also includes those affected by media outputs. We adopt a comprehensive approach to the issue of media law, considering regulatory requirements, copyright issues, personal rights, and commercial and practical aspects. Our guidance helps clients navigate this specialized environment, addressing the challenges it raises and what rights they have.

Why choose us


We have experience with clients from this sector

We firmly believe in specialization, recognizing its necessity in today’s complex landscape. That’s why we operate with smaller, tightly coordinated teams of experts in specific fields who collaborate closely. This approach allows us to effectively integrate knowledge from various domains, ensuring that every piece of advice to the client encompasses all relevant areas.


We have been working in the sector since the foundation of the law firm. Few people have such a depth of experience.

In more than 30 years in the media sector, we have encountered just about everything. From advertising on smaller portals, through the regulation of newspapers and online news, to the creation of well-known podcasts or series for streaming platforms.


We are following the latest developments.

The media landscape is undeniably transitioning into an online environment, evolving practically on a daily basis. That is why we meticulously track current legislation, jurisprudence and the initiatives of European and Czech legislators. We rely on clear and practical advice based on knowledge and many years of hands-on experience in the field.

What we for clients

  • We represent publishers of news content and journalists in privacy litigation.
  • Where we see injustice or public interest, we also represent those who have been harmed by the media environment.
  • We set the rules for media companies' marketing cooperation with clients.
  • We advise clients in the production of content and its subsequent distribution and monetization. We advise producers, creators and distribution companies with films, series, music or podcasts.
  • We assist publishers, broadcasters and website operators in navigating regulatory requirements and ensuring the proper formulation of contracts.
  • We discuss with clients the regulation of digital platforms and content providers and help platforms to set up their business correctly.

Who will be dedicated to assisting you

"My passion for music, movies and video games led me to this fascinating legal discipline. Thanks to my experience at Czech Radio and Seznam, I've come to understand that the realms of ​​television, radio, cinema and the internet operate under distinct rules. Moreover, the internet reshapes this environment almost every day. Artists will promptly gauge how much respect you have for creative mental activity. Journalists will quickly recognize if public interest is part of your DNA. And producers or distributors will value the practical knowledge of the person who is supposed to provide them with legal advice."

JUDr. Josef Donát, LL.M.


What our clients say about us

Collaborations that bring satisfaction to both us and our clients

Czech television

Legal advice related to the digitization of audiovisual content.

Media and Related Services


Legal advice related to media outputs and protection of the brand and good reputation of a legal entity.

Media and Related Services


Legal advice related to podcast production.

Media and Related Services

Seznam Zprávy

Representation of the client in media lawsuits for the protection of personality and good reputation.

Media and Related Services

Seznam Zprávy

Representation of the client in media lawsuits in response to the Press Act.

Media and Related Services

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