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We have been involved in some of the most significant construction contracts and concessions of recent times. Pioneers of the modern design & build method in the public sector, we maintain long-term collaborations with construction economics experts, engineers and architects who are a natural part of our team. Buildings are meant to serve. We always keep this goal in mind and therefore choose the most effective legal solutions to achieve the objectives.

  • 10 In the Law Firm of the Year rankings, particularly in the Public Procurement category, which encompasses the majority of our construction projects, we have always been recognized as a highly recommended firm or category winner for the past 10 years.

Why choose us


Expertise in the field of public procurement

We are at the forefront of public procurement law. Our expertise allows us to devise effective models for commissioning construction works for contracting authorities, participate in drafting public contracts, guide clients through the entire procurement process including contentious issues, and offer necessary advice even during project implementation. Additionally, we collaborate with suppliers whose constructions are considered public contracts.


Design & Build

We are pioneers in employing the Design & Build method within the public sector. Collaborating closely with our clients, we have successfully implemented numerous projects of this nature. Thanks to our expertise in this field, we can transfer the benefits of the Design & Build method, which is commonly used in the private sector, to the public sector as well.


Technical and economic consulting

Through our enduring partnerships with technical and economic advisors, we provide clients with comprehensive services. When assisting clients in determining their approach to construction projects, we can prepare analyses or feasibility studies that encompass not only legal considerations but also technical solutions, constraints, and optimal economic configurations, including financing methods.

What we do for our clients

  • Preparation and implementation of procurement procedures for construction works and related services of construction manager, TDS, design work, etc.
  • Negotiating and drafting any contractual documentation related to the construction sector.
  • Collaboration with the client spanning the entire lifecycle of the construction project, from planning and selecting the optimal approach to potential assignments, through the implementation phase, to potential exits.
  • Preparation and awarding of concessions for construction works.
  • Analyses of methods of access to specific building plans.
  • Advice to clients in the implementation phase of buildings, including support in the management of changes to the work.
  • Legal advice related to the use of the Design & Build method at any stage of a construction project.
  • Comprehensive support in claim management according to FIDIC rules.

Who will be dedicated to assisting you

Our work yields tangible results – buildings and infrastructure that serve communities. This aspect brings us joy and fulfillment, and sets us apart from many other legal fields.

JUDr. Lukáš Sommer


Other collaborators

JUDr. Jakub Zámyslický

Other collaborators

JUDr. Jakub Zámyslický

Other collaborators

JUDr. Jakub Zámyslický

What our clients say about us

Collaborations that bring satisfaction to both us and our clients

Construction of Metro D - sections Pankrác - Olbrachtova and Olbrachtova - Nové Dvory

For the client, we managed tenders to select contractors for two segments that together constitute the initial operational segment of the construction of metro line D in Prague, valued at over CZK 40 billion. We are also offering support during the construction implementation phase. It is one of the most significant investments in transport infrastructure in the Czech Republic over the past decade.


New City Hall of Prague 12

Provision of legal advice related to the preparation of the Giga Factory project in Plzeň-Líně, i.e. a project for the production of electric vehicle batteries.


Electrical engineer work

Provision of legal services related to the sale of significant Czech Post properties in Prague.


Renewal of the SVS water management infrastructure

We ensured the preparation and tendering of three complex contracts for the renewal of water management infrastructure in Northern Bohemia with a total investment cost of approximately CZK 3 billion.


Multifunctional house Černý Most

Completion of the unfinished core of a 1990s building into a modern multipurpose building using the Design & Build method. The building is intended, among other things, for affordable housing. We assisted the investor in conducting a tender to select the general contractor for the construction.


Imperial Spa of Karlovy Vary

For the investor, we prepared and implemented a tender for the contractor of the complex reconstruction of the heritage-protected Imperial Baths in the center of Karlovy Vary.


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