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Are you considering investing in high-growth startups, launching a new business, or seeking a robust partner for your ongoing project's expansion? Our services encompass comprehensive legal guidance for investments and support across all business stages. We aid investors in executing efficient investments, ensuring the safeguarding of their positions. During the early phases of your business, we assist in selecting the optimal legal structure for your startup and establishing strong relationships among founders. We ensure effective protection of intellectual property rights and handle all legal regulatory matters in your specific business sector. Prepare your startup for investor entry and receive comprehensive advice for potential startup sales.

  • 5815 % The fastest-growing Czech tech company in 2023.

  • EUR 167 million The highest investment in a Czech tech startup in 2022.

  • EUR 600 million Total private equity and venture capital investment in Czech firms in 2022.

  • 45 Number of transactions in 2022 by private equity and venture capital firms in the IT sector in the Czech Republic.

Why choose us


Expertise in key areas

Our team comprises leading experts in corporate law, intellectual property law, IT law, contract law, labor law and compliance, providing specialized knowledge crucial for startups.


Tailored solutions

We understand that each startup has unique needs. Our legal solutions are customized to address your specific challenges and aspirations—efficient, effective, and in alignment with your business goals and legal requirements.


Proactive approach

We identify and address potential legal risks before they negatively impact your business.

What we do for clients

  • Legal support for startup investments, especially in technology-focused ventures.
  • Advice on choosing the appropriate legal structure for startups.
  • Establishment of new companies, registration in the Commercial Register, and acquisition of business permits.
  • Preparation of shareholder agreements.
  • Management of relationships with suppliers and customers.
  • Management of relationships with employees, including the preparation of employee stock ownership plans (ESOP).
  • Comprehensive advice for investor entry into startups, including convertible loan agreements.
  • Advisory in the areas of intellectual property protection, personal data, and other pertinent regulatory matters.

Who will be dedicated to assisting you

"I enjoy working with investors who focus on startups, as well as their founders. The world of these investments has its unique features that need to be understood and respected. Therefore, for our clients, we consistently strive to delicately seek a balance between the speedy and efficient execution of transactions on one side and ensuring legal certainty for the investor on the other."

Mgr. et Mgr. Ing. Jan Tomíšek, Ph.D.


Other collaborators

Mgr. Jan Frey

Other collaborators

Mgr. Jan Frey

Other collaborators

Mgr. Jan Frey

What our clients say about us

Collaborations that bring satisfaction to both us and our clients



Rockaway Capital

We provided consultancy in structuring the KVIFF group, focusing on personal data protection. We also assisted in defining contractual terms and conditions, including those related to the protection of personal data, within the KVIFF TV and KVIFF Guide applications.



We have been providing long-term legal advice to the client in the areas of corporate law, investor relations, customer contracts and personal data protection. Our contributions include negotiating key contracts and partnerships for the client's data solutions.


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