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Investment Arbitration in Central and Eastern Europe, Law and practice

12. 02. 2019

Contributors: Miloš Olík, Jaroslav Heyduk and Michal Čáp

Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) is the testing ground for investment arbitration in Europe: the majority of the cases against EU Member States are proceedings launched against countries from within the region. Despite their relevance, CEE experiences have not previously been analysed in a comprehensive manner. This book takes a systematic country-by-country approach covering all the CEE jurisdictions. Each chapter provides detailed information and insight into the respective jurisdiction, setting out the policy and treaty landscape, the legal status of investor-state arbitration and alternative remedies. This is supplemented by a detailed analysis of the investor-state arbitration decisions in each country.

Key features include:
• the first comprehensive survey of investment arbitration in CEE countries
• written by leading practitioners and academics in their respective jurisdictions
• an insider perspective into CEE investment cases• consideration of political, economic and regulatory factors
• a practical case-law oriented approach to investment arbitration within CEE.

Arbitrators and investment practitioners will benefit greatly from the comprehensive survey and detailed case analysis. The book will be invaluable for firms advising businesses with operations in the region, and for anyone involved in arbitral proceedings involving CEE countries.

More information about the book.

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