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Force Majeure in the Czech Republic

07. 22. 2021

Autoři: Mgr. Michal Nulíček, LL.M., Mgr. Bohuslav Lichnovský, LL.M., Mgr. Lucie Kačerová

Can you rely on force majeure in commercial contracts? And to which extent? We analyzed these questions in the last issue of the Legal500 guide on force majeure.

In our summary, we focused on the following topics:

  • When can you rely on force majeure, and what conditions have to be met.
  • Whether you can derogate from the legislative provisions on the force majeure.
  • How do Czech courts apply force majeure in practice.
  • What types of events do Czech courts recognize as force majeure.
  • Whether the COVID-19 pandemic is considered a force majeure.
  • If force majeure allows a party to terminate the contracts.

You can find answers to these and many other questions in the Czech guide to force majeure, available HERE. 

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