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Czech Republic: New conditions applicable for persons fleeing Ukraine

03. 22. 2022

Please note that as of Monday (21.3.2022) a new regime for persons fleeing Ukraine is in force as a result of the adoption of the Lex UA.

General matters:

  • A special visa can now also be granted by the Czech police;
  • As per the Implementing Council decision (EU 2022/382) the special long-stay visa shall be granted to (a) UA nationals residing in Ukraine before 24 February 2022, (b) persons granted international protection (asylum) before 24 February 2022 (c) family members of the persons referred to in points (a) and (b).
  • The special long-stay visa also shall be granted to person who, as of 24 February 2022, held a valid permanent residence permit in Ukraine and is unable to return due to the threat of danger.
  • Applicant must present a travel document (if he holds such document) and passport type photography if applying for special long-stay visa.
  • Special long-stay visa can not be granted to person who does not apply for it personally, who applied for the visa in different state of EU or who obtained special visa in different EU member state;
  • If foreigner applies simultaneously for long-stay visa and for asylum the application process for asylum is suspended for the period of which is the long-stay visa issued (it is currently 1 year).
  • Healthcare is free of charge for holders of special long-stay visa for the duration of such visa (currently 1 year).

Employment and social security:

  • Foreigner who obtained special long-stay visa can immediately enter into an employment relationship (e.g., foreigner can sign an employment contract). There is therefore no obligation of visiting Czech Employment Office.
  • Each UA citizen who obtained special long-stay visa is entitled for one-time social benefit in the amount of CZK 5 000.
  • A foreigner whose income does not allow him or her to meet the basic needs of life can apply for this social benefit repeatedly. The social benefit can be granted up to 6 times, therefore foreigner can get up to CZK 30 000.
  • This social benefit is issued by Czech Employment Office and can be paid in cash or into a bank account opened in Czech Republic. We therefore recommend the UA foreigners to open a bank account in Czech Republic as soon as possible.


  • Nostrification fees are cancelled.
  • The first round of admissions to secondary schools and colleges has been extended until 5 April 2022; foreigners have an increased time limit for the exam by 25%.
  • Principals of secondary schools and colleges may accept foreigners into the current first year.

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