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Mediation is one of the means of effective out-of-court dispute settlement, where the parties are led towards reaching a mutually beneficial resolution. Mediation is more flexible, cheaper and quicker than litigation, and it helps both parties develop and preserve a good relationship among them.

Mediation is private, and the chosen mediator is the only additional party to join the meetings.

The mediator is always obliged to maintain confidentiality, so mediation is also suitable for the settlement of matters of a sensitive nature.

The members of our team not only consult or represent clients in mediation,

but are themselves authorised mediators and can run the procedure. Our mediators are highly experienced in both national and international mediation and are capable of finding new ways of reaching agreements even in situations that may at first seem irresolvable.

How can we help in mediation:

  • Amicable settlement of any dispute by an impartial mediator. The process of mediation is always arranged around the needs of the participants.
  • Our mediators are experienced lawyers, who will quickly reach the core of the problem and help find a viable solution.
  • Considerable experience conducting mediation in the role of mediator, as well as in representing clients and negotiating commercial mediation in the role of legal representative.
  • Professional legal consultancy and assistance in the process of mediation conducted before another mediator.
  • Consultancy on the possibilities of mediation, drafting of mediation clauses and agreements.

Who will be dedicated to assisting you



Mediation of a dispute worth approx. CZK 100 mil., conducted for the performance of a contract for work. A significant number of mediation meetings took place, in which more than ten people participated regularly, including the legal representatives of the parties. The mediation ended successfully in an amicable settlement.


Mediation conducted successfully as to the conclusion of a mediation agreement, the subject of which was a dispute over the performance of a contract for IT work. The total value of the dispute was several million euros.


The successful international mediation of a dispute arising from a contract on supply of specialized machinery worth tens of thousands of euros. Mediation led by experts resulted in the conclusion of an agreement.


The mediation of a dispute over compensation for damage of several thousand euros. At the first meeting with the mediator, a contract was signed to conduct mediation, and in just one mediation meeting an amicable agreement was reached.


Mediation conducted for a dispute over a sum of several million Czech crowns, a party to which was a public entity, which demanded a higher level of professionalism of the mediator and required that the negotiated agreement be compliant with the obligations imposed on the management of public entities. The core of the conflict consisted in a dispute over a pricing arrangement in a contract. The voluntary negotiation between the parties resulted in an amicable settlement of their dispute.


Legal assistance provided to the client in mediation conducted before another mediator, commenced voluntarily by the parties in order to settle a dispute over the performance of extra work under a public procurement contract. The dispute was worth tens of millions of Czech crowns. Eight mediation meetings took place, and a settlement agreement was reached.


Representation of a client in proceedings regarding a dispute over a contract on the provision of legal services and payment of unjust enrichment (a counterclaim was made), and the subsequent legal assistance of the client in the mediation. A final settlement was reached in the mediation, and the dispute was then settled by a consent decree.


Legal assistance provided to the client in a dispute over entitlement to reimbursement of actual loss caused by an incorrect official decision. The mediation was successful; though an agreement was not reached, a solution was found during the mediation, which served as a basis for a consent decree between the parties. Since one of the parties was a public entity, at the mediation an expert opinion was also drawn up in order to confirm the correctness of the chosen solution with regard to the management of the entity.


JUDr. Josef Donát, LL.M.

Josef Donát, holder of the prestigious ICT Lawyer of the Year award, is the head of the ICT Law specialization at ROWAN LEGAL, an arbitrator and a registered mediator.

In his practice, he has long been involved in large-scale projects in the field of the legal aspects of digitalization, electronic identification, cloud computing, cyber security and delivery of information systems. Recently, he has been intensively involved in the creation of the BankID electronic identification project, where his team was responsible for the complete legal support – from the preparation and negotiation of legislation through commercial terms and conditions to comprehensive advice to participating banks on connecting to eGovernment services.

JUDr. Lukáš Duffek

Lukáš Duffek focuses primarily on criminal law and defense at all stages of criminal proceedings. He is a specialist in serious property, economic and contract crime. He also focuses on the criminal liability of legal entities.

In addition to his active role as a defense lawyer, Lukáš Duffek also focuses on the prevention and avoidance of crime, through risk assessment and the preparation of criminal compliance programs.

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